"Now with insect machine goodness"

i like how he looks like he's steppin' out onto the paint can

i finished it up after dark just 10 hours before i had to leave to catch my plane home!

pics of work in progress:

carson came by with his lollipop to check out the work in progress

gina came out to visit and assist (photo by gilles champagne)

end of day 1

photographer Gilles Champagne biked by and took my photo as i was
getting started and posted me on his blog! thanks gil!!

i walked by this water cistern regularly while walking the dog through a forest preserve near my sister's home on bainbridge island. i painted over some offensive graffiti that had been painted over a very cute kids' mural, which was a shame. but just about everyone who came by had positive and nice things to say about the cover up and the new art! this was definately an exciting project for me and i'm so happy the sun came out on saturday and sunday last week!

the mural is part of an ongoing, collaborative art project that i have been working on over email for several years with a fellow artist, bugdozer, who lives in england. we also have a nail-biter of a connect 4 game going on here! (i'm pink, he's orange, there's an empty column on the left.) w00t!