secondary use/upcycling: 1963 heinekin world bottle -- way ahead of its time.

chicago bluegrass legends concerts

photo booth of the stars

myspace let's be "friends"

101 reasons why danzig is buffer than you.

flix candy

fallen fan records

adam zastrow fine furniture


found on funny, gosh!

Weird ass chemical sculptures watch the video: protrude, flow. scary cool.

These photos were taken moments before the darwin awards were handed over.

You are welcome to the site of "Katod" inc. - russian leader in the development of high-quality image intensifier tubes and night vision devices.

memili rüstüoglu, freestyle moustache champion

astronomy picture of the day

art crime, anyone?

: : modding & bootlegging ::: sweet!

got a secret you need to get off your chest?

my new launch pad for aimless internet browsing: the sachs report.
god, i love having the computer on the couch.

marchel duchamp, anyone? an interactive primer.

The Misfits Songbook if you want to be in my band, you'll have to learn these songs

ray ceasar must see 3-d modelling computer artist.

oct 23 is world toy camera day take some pictures today!

beautiful bugs & more macro bugs

christian animal rights page with great photos of all sorts of creatures. hence the name: if you go to the home page, there's horrible animal testing photos there too. very upsetting. stop animal testing!!!

open book peace project

suffered any pareidolia, confabulation or apophenia lately?
interesting reading for skeptics

your direct source for PORK CHOP SANDWICHES!!

the erotic art of alice wilder

the mixulator, man

blog with ben, where i found this: fine art taxidermy amazing.

bebź, faća exame de me para uma movimentaćčo em seu carro!
translate me , translate anything. (i don't know about you, but those letters don't seem clever up there...)

go to to feed hungry animals. it's free!! and, fund a mammogram for free here.

35mm slides from jpgs iq imaging digital artists: saved.

i get all my news from www.

fact or urban legend ?

guess the dictator or sitcom character game

find the alcohol content of your favorite beer, stout, porter, lager or ale. carbs & calories, too.

i use all the time for spelling and their thesaurus is slam bang

see motorcity motorbooty artist mark dancey's shit


a study of the effects of celery on loose elastic: the peculiar art of mr. frahm, (ladies, be very careful next time you buy celery, because you never know what might happen to your knickers!) (men, they don't make elastic like they used to!)

download an mp3 or find out more about the bitter tears

step into the stars tallulah awesome band

pizza hut blew this one! where the cheese at?
if you don't have flash go to this cheese or see the whole

mind reader!! spooky!

jib jab cartoons yeah!!

what he meant to say was... click on bush ha!

here's a site i did for my sister's splendid wedding in 1999.

do a kato d jigsaw puzzle. it took me 5 minutes 42 seconds to put this together. and i'm mighty familiar.

serial cereal hosted by coastland technologies i [heart] dr. d!

see pumper art studios home of my favorite teacher, john c miller.

boogie jack's html tutorial has the html answers

live chat with an AI program

i don't know exactly what this is, but it's swedish go!

seinfeld meets the sopranos and get all your dope at the smoking gun

it's quite a climb to machu picchu

karaoke anyone?

iq test then?

how many calories in a beer?

how many calories in a hostess cup cake?

q: how can i fly to work?

what does tokyo look like?

karolen deupree makes awesome beads showcases some japanese cartoonists

does the composting toilet smell?

my movies, funny commercials, essays, photos.

k's aunt's site has a deupree family tree, and lots of folk art in bottles
k's cousin, taylor, is a musician and has his own record label, 12k.
k's cousin, andi, is an artist.

designed to a
has free clip art and graphics.

pixel warehouse free graphics

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